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Meaningful Experiences Stitch By Stitch

I began a career as a fiber artist by way of a 1972 article in MS Magazine. The gist of the article was that because men had no interest in quilt making, women were left on their own to explore, create and thrive in an open sharing community devoid of men. 

Years later, after perfecting my skills creating many, many, many quilts, I discovered a spiritual concept: Humans are co-creating with The Divine in each and every minute, day in and day out, in each thought and every action. With that element, I understood quilting as my personal practice of holy divine engagement. That led to my book about quilting as a spiritual practice: The Quilting Path: A Guide to Spiritual Discovery through Fabric, Thread and Kabbalah. published by SkyLight Paths.

I continued for many more years making many, many, many, more quilts until the death of my parents. To absorb that inevitable loss, I incorporated all of their clothing and textiles into my process creating family heirlooms that I hold dear to this day. Experiencing the healing potential of using meaningful textiles started my venture making quilt products for others using their personal materials of memory.

Two additional practices of our times that address global warming: zero-waste and upcycling have come into my practice. Operating a zero-waste studio began with the realization that I discard mounds upon mounds of scrapes that are dead-ended into a landfill. To end that waste, I developed a series of products that use each and every previously discarded thread, yarn and scrap. 

The upcycling came through a business with my daughter, Sarah, where we deconstruct and recycle denim. Working at SilkDenim informed my understanding of the detrimental fast-fashion industry and the need to rethink society‚Äôs current throw-away actions. To that end, Sarah and I recycled obsolete textiles into lifetime-guaranteed quality products.  

Memory Quilts

A Memory Quilt is any textile art created to remember something of significance. It can honor or memorialize a person, an event, an achievement or a realization- any life encounter worthy of immortalizing in fabric.

In the effort to grieve the deaths of my mother and father, I spent two years cutting up their clothing; using the material to produce a body of work. The twenty pieces were shown as a one-person exhibition in both Pittsburgh and Chicago. This brought me to the purposeful work of helping others transform their personal materials of memory.

Each commissioned quilt is totally unique, depending on your materials, desired finished use, and budget. You provide the clothing and textiles, personal fabrics that refer to the person, event, or achievement being honored. Embellishments such as jewelry, buttons, and pockets add to the design and make each a unique work of art. Photos, prayers, writings and logos can be incorporated into the quilt using a photo transfer method which leaves originals unharmed and returned to you intact.

Over the years, I have done several hundred commissions. Check out the links to see tee-shirt quilts, memory quilts and pillows. Contact me by email: louise@silkquilt.com to discuss your idea for a personal project.

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