The Quilting Path

The Quilting Path cover

The Quilting Path: A Guide to Spiritual Discovery through Fabric, Thread, and Kabbalah by Louise Silk is now available for purchase at SkyLight Paths.

From the Introduction:

For whom is this book written? Really, it's for everyone, old and young, male and female, novice and expert, rich and poor. Basic needlework skills are not even necessary. You only need the willingness to learn about patchwork quilting and its spiritual life connections.

This is a hands-on book. Bring to it an openhearted acceptance looking at each moment as a thing in itself in wholeness and completeness. I hope you will enjoy my personal anecdotes, but I tell them only to encourage you to take on the experiences for yourself. It's time to press the refresh button and look anew with transpersonal eyes. Nurture the flow of change, stitch by stitch, as you appreciate the fruits of your labor while kindling a value and appreciation of handwork.

Please contact Louise to share your thoughts and ideas on the book, as well as get help with your projects.


The following are links to images of the quilts that are made in each of the chapters of The Quilting Path.

Chapter 1 - It Is What It Is: One-Patch Utility Quilt
Chapter 2 - The Contrast of Feminine and Masculine: Log Cabin Quilt
Chapter 3 - Binding Together Skills: String-Pieced Pillows
Chapter 4 - Unconditional Love: Straight Furrows Patchwork Baby Blanket
Chapter 5 - Bearing Our Load: Quilting Carry-all Bag
Chapter 6 - Beholding Beauty: Wearable Quilts
Chapter 7 - A Picture of Place and Time: Applique Quilt
Chapter 8 - Fragments of Life: Remembrance Crazy Quilt
Chapter 9 - Collecting Souvenirs: T-shirt Quilt
Chapter 10 - Ties that Bind: Rail Fence Signature Tablecloth