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SilkQuilt offers the following 45-minute slide lectures by Louise Silk about her work:

Transformation: Reuse of Materials for Meaning and Memory
This slide presentation covers the many ways fiber artists are reusing both traditional and non-traditional materials in their work. The lecture is in three parts; first tracing Louise's personal path in the use of recycled materials; second examples of other artists working in alternative materials; third is a section devoted to t-shirts and their re-use.
This lecture gives the inside story of how I make quilts. I've included lots of stories and interesting information including my sources of inspiration, studio environment, working techniques, and systems for expanding creativity.
The Quilting Path
The Quilting Path lecture uses slides, readings, and quilt examples to trace the development of the main concepts of The Quilting Path and provide an overview of the scope of the work and how to begin ones own personal quilting path process.
Pieces of Memory
Memorial Quilts are created to remember something of significance. It can be a person, an event, or a realization- anything that gives the needle-worker a life encounter to immortalize in fabric. In the effort to grieve the deaths of my mother and father, I spent two years cutting up their clothing; using the material to produce a body of work. The twenty pieces were shown as a one-person exhibition in both Pittsburgh and Chicago. This slide lecture traces the history of memorial quilts, goes through the individual process of grief and suggests a variety of ways for each of us to grieve our personal losses.
Making Quilts Today
Patchwork Quilting is an American art form that began as a utilitarian craft. This is the story of my professional development beginning with my first quilt as a novice in 1972 through to being included in the prestigious Quilt National. Having worked in the field for over thirty years, I relate my personal life experience to quilt-making history, techniques, and the struggle to create art. This slide lecture concludes with encouragement to find ways to update the tradition and bring quilts into our lives.
I Was There, Now I'm Here: Self Discovery Through Quilting
For me the quilt is more than a traditional decorative object or a functional bed cover. It is a sculptural fiber form with aesthetics, experience, and memory marking a point in time. This lecture traces my spiritual and religious development as it relates to creating quilts. Raised as a cultural Jew, it took a spiritual awakening to understand how the integration of sacred themes with my quilt-making skills was the key to creating powerful and meaningful artwork. This slide lecture shares my learning process along with the inner workings of creating one-person shows that include divine themes and performance rituals.

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